Liverpool bid to trademark the word’Liverpool’ was reversed from the Intellectual Property Office of the government.
The Premier League club insisted their aim had been to protect themselves and had hoped to signature the city’s name when used in the context of football products and services.
But, after taking the conclusion of the IPO, the club’s chief executive Peter Moore admitted they had underestimated the degree of resistance from traders within the city, also soccer clubs and Liverpool City Council.
The team said in a statement:”Liverpool Football Club will confirm its application to trademark the term’Liverpool’ in the context of soccer products and services has been ineffective.
“The club accepts the decision that has been taken by the Intellectual Property Office, due primarily to the official conclusion cites as’the geographic significance’ of Liverpool as a city in comparison to set names that were improved by other football clubs in the united kingdom.
“We will, however, continue to aggressively pursue those large-scale operations which seek to exploit our intellectual property and would recommend that the relevant government to take decisive action against such unlawful activity wherever it exists.”
Moore said the club’s intentions had been true but they’d misunderstood the consequences the trademarking would have had in the community.
“We underestimated the response on this,” Moore told the Liverpool Echo. “We’d, in very good religion, appeared at what we had been seeing on a worldwide basis and especially stuff that was coming in the UK.
“We felt obliged to protect the football club and had looked in other similar situations for clubs that had trademarked their place names in a football context, there are various examples.
“We believed that on behalf of the team we needed to do that, but I think that it’s fair to say that we underestimated the emotional response to it and that’s our bad.”
Moore said the team had met to describe their intentions.
“There wasn’t any deliberate actions to slide through it,” he added. “We registered and got on with our organization and clearly as things unfolded the response was fairly fast and we instantly engaged with the independent retailers as well as the local football clubs and met with them.
“(We) told them that this wasn’t geared toward them and offered them legal protections if we had been effective.”
Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson tweeted:”LFC is a worldwide new and plays a large role in showcasing our town throughout the world.
“We have a solid connection with Peter and his team along with the club’s importance to the future of the city is without question. We’ll always work together for the people of Liverpool.”

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